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Today 82% of homes in the U.S. has a two-car garage or larger but only 25% use them to park their cars inside. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines garage as “a shelter or repair shop for automotive vehicles.” So the number one question is why 75% of Americans with garages choose not to park their cars in their garages. The simple answer is there is too much storage (clutter and/or junk) in their garages. How does this happen?

When a family moves into their new home, their original purpose is to park their cars in the garage. Unfortunately on the day of move in the moving boxes are put in the garage and in most cases remain there permanently. These boxes take up floor space in the garage that could otherwise be used for parking cars.

In my future blog posts I will show you methods and products that will remove this clutter from the floor space of your garage. I will also write about tool storage systems that will allow you to find any tool when you need it. Garage and tool storage systems are essential to garage organization.