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Tool Carriers on Wheels – Introduction


Through my research, I have found what I believe are the 5 best tool carriers on wheels.These tool storage systems are similar to a suit case on wheels. Air travelers know that it is very difficult and cumbersome walking through airports carrying heavy luggage. The solution was to add wheels to the luggage with an extended carrying handle. The tool storage industry has applied this same concept to tool boxes. Tool boxes and tool storage systems are now available with wheels and others with wheels and carrying handles. This has made tradesmen more productive on job sites, mechanics more productive in their shops, and carrying tools easier for homeowners.

In this product comparison article I have selected 5 of the best tool carriers on wheels. In the comparison you will find a description and benefits of each of the tool carriers.  

1. Keter Masterloader Plastic Portable Rolling Tool Box Storage

The Keter Masterloader Rolling Tool Box made my 5 best rolling tool carriers on wheels list because of the following features:One, it’s affordable price. Secondly, my research revealed that the customer satisfaction rating is very high. And best of all, this rolling tool carrier has compartmentalized bins that provide more than adequate tool storage capacity.



  • Compartmentalized bins for tools and small parts
  • A Central locking mechanism for keeping your tools and equipment secure 
  • Inside tool dividers for keeping tools organized
  • An extendable handle that makes rolling your tools around the job site or work shop almost effortless
  • Integrated Organizer
  • 2 Removable bins on top of the tool box
  • Dimensions: 24.25″L x 16.34″H x 14.88″W

2. DeWalt Model DWST17820 TSTAK Mobile Tool Carrier on Wheels

The DeWalt Model DWST17820 made my 5 best rolling tool carriers on wheels list because of the following features:One, it’s affordable price. Secondly, DeWalt products are always constructed well and this rolling tool box is no exception. And best of all is this box is compatible with other Dewalt add on boxes in the “TSTAK” family. This allows you to expand your tool storage by stacking other boxes on top of this model. The boxes connect firmly with built-in side latches. 


  • Large storage capacity
  • Metal telescopic handle allows easy maneuvering of the box
  • Durable construction
  • 7″ durable wheels make it easy to carry around the job site
  • Water resistance construction keeps your tool free from rust and water damage
  • Ant-rust latches
  • Ample storage capacity
  • Dimensions: 20.2 x 39 x 17 inches
  • TSTAK expandable capability

3. Milwaukee Packout Tool Carrier on Wheels with 2 Stackable Tool Boxes

The Milwaukee Model 233663 made my 5 best rolling tool carrier list because of the following features: One, the high quality durable construction Milwaukee Tools is known for. Secondly, the boxes provide great storage compartments to keep your tools organized. My favorite feature is the add-on stacking capability for other Milwaukee Packout components. 


  • High quality durable construction
  • 250 pound weight capacity
  • Industrial grade extension handle
  • 9″ all-terrain wheels
  • Large storage capacity and multiple storage compartments
  • Each stackable component is held firmly in place by built-in latches
  • This package includes: The base Packout tool box on wheels, a stackable 22″ tool box, and a stackable 22″ organizer tray box

4. DEWALT DS450 ToughSystem Tool Box, DS130 Tool Box and DS280 Tote Tool Box Combo Set 


The DEWALT DS450 ToughSystem Tool Box Combo Set made my 5 best tool carriers on wheels list because of the durable construction that DeWalt is known for. Secondly, the large storage capacity. And best of all, the stacking feature allows you expand your tool storage with other Dewalt ToughSystem components. 


  • Includes three components: (1) 22″ tool box on wheels, (1) DS280 tote tool box, and (1) DS130 tool box
  • Durable construction
  • Ample storage capacity for your tools and equipment
  • The 22″ box has wheels that makes it very easy to tote around a job site or garage
  • IP65 water seal protects your tool from water damage
  • Can be used with other ToughSystem stackable tool box components

Check out this video demonstrating the features of the Dewalt ToughSystem including the Sound System component

DeWalt ToughSystem Music System Component


5. RIGID Professional Tool Box Carrier on Wheels, 3 Tool Box Combination




The RIGID Professional Rolling Tool Box  made my 5 best tool carriers on wheels because of the following features: One, the quality durable construction RIGID Tools are known for. Secondly, this tool box has very high customer satisfaction ratings. My favorite feature is the stackable components that will add to your tool storage capacity. 


  • High impact resin and heavy duty construction
  • Features water and dust seal
  • All terrain wheels
  • Lockable system
  • Cleans Easily

Product Description

RIDGID Professional Tool Storage Cart And Organizer Stack includes the lower tool box cart with extended handle and all terrain wheels. The middle box allows for additional storage to more tools and accessories organized. And the upper tool box allows storage of those smaller items. This RIDGID tool box cart is made with a durable high impact resin and made to last. It offers heavy duty metal latches, and an integrated water seal to protect against water and dust damage. All three tool storage boxes are included. The lower box dimensions are 22.2” wide by 12.2” deep by 18.3” high. The middle box in this stack is 22.2” wide by 12.2” deep by 13.8” high. The upper tool box is 22.2” wide by 12.2” deep by 6.5” high.